2016 Design-A-Card Winners

High School, First Place
Chrystelle Gooding
Sacred Heart Academy

High School, Second Place
Kaylah Bozkurtian
Garden City High School

High School, Third Place
Summaiyah Sheikh
Sewanhaka High School

High School, Fourth Place
Tiffany Jiao
The Wheatley School

Middle School, First Place
Lilith Guzman
Sewanhaka High School

Middle School, Second Place
Lauren Galarraga
W. Tresper Clarke Middle School

Middle School, Third Place
Margaret Gates
Wantagh Middle School

K-5, First Place
Caterina Dottino
Long Island School for the Gifted

K-5, Second Place
Julia Manolios
Long Island School for the Gifted

K-5, Third Place
Aliyah Valdez
Stewart School

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